by Aileen Chang-Matus

Dedication and Note

The Job interview

For me, for many I others too I am sure, getting started with a soap crew was a lot like…

First Days

It turned out there really was a person named Leslie Leland. … I may have skipped ahead a day or two, after my arriving… I trained with others too. Training was often loosely defined. …

The School Bus

Let me tell you about the school bus. One morning Ronnie told me… Since writing this, I have asked Ronnie about his memory of the bus. …  Years later, agents moved on to many different careers and lives. …

Kinds of Crews?  Management, Other Factors, and the Daily Lives of Agents

There are differences between these crew experiences and other descriptions…  First: it makes all the difference what kind of person the manager is. … I think the use of cars on a “patch crew” could also make a difference …  A final point on how there could be such differences …  Have crews changed, worsened over the years? …

Cedar Falls, Waverly, Clear Lake

We stayed at the Black Hawk Hotel in downtown Cedar Falls … You met all kinds of people. Sometimes …  In my teenage years I had begun to swim less and less. …

My Evolving Role on the Crews

 Over the years, I served in a variety of capacities. …

Food and Drink  The Bathtub and the Smoker

Just in case it needs to be stated: Ronnie’s honorable intentions … I started carrying other kinds of food equipment too. … I had some years earlier encountered the book by Frances Moore Lappé …

More Memories


There is no colorful narrative about my departure from the crew. I never really left, but my life changed. …



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